Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How I Became an Atheist – Part 2

 So here it is, my second blog post. This one was much harder to write than the first and I think Part 3 is going to be even harder. Again feel free to point out any mistakes in blog format or grammar in the comment section below. Also I welcome any comments, questions or complaints, again in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

Even though I had realized that God did not exist, my indoctrination wouldn't let me accept it. I looked for ways around what I now knew to be true. Maybe it was just a flaw in the christian dogma. Maybe religion itself had been so corrupted that if I got past that I could find the real God. The loving god I had always heard about.
I went on like that for a few years but it was no use. The harder I looked for God the more clear it became that there was no God. There were no gods anywhere.
It was not easy adjusting to life as a non-believer. There was a sense of loss and I went through sort of a mourning period. The hardest part was that I had to go through it alone. Even though I now knew that prayer had no effect on the outcome of any given situation I now understood its therapeutic value.
Like any loss it faded with time and distance. Nothing had really changed. My views on right and wrong were still the same as they had always been. The only time I really even thought about it was when someone was in a bad situation that I couldn't help with and I could no longer fall back on “I'll pray for you”. No one noticed anything different about me because in all the ways that really mattered there was nothing different.
So another year or so went by and I never talked about it, never told anyone. Then earlier this year someone I love and care for deeply posted one of the most disturbing things I had ever read on Facebook. “Logic Is The Enemy of Faith”. 

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